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Emerald Hollow Mine
Map & Driving Directions

  From I-40 at Statesville, North Carolina:  Take the US-64/NC-90 Exit number 148 off of I-40. Proceed west (right if coming from the east - left if coming from the west) on US-64 towards Taylorsville for approximately 11.2 miles. Turn right on Old Mountain Rd. (There will be a small "Hiddenite Next Right" sign at the turnoff.) Proceed for approximately one quarter of a mile until you come to a stop sign and caution light. You are now in beautiful downtown Hiddenite! Continue straight through the intersection. You will cross the railroad tracks still used by the famous "June Bug" train. You will also pass the historical Lucas Mansion on the right. Continue on this road until you come to a stop sign and the road ends. Turn left. You will see our sign and Emerald Hollow Mine Drive immediately on the right. Turn right onto the gravel drive which will lead you to the mine. Please observe caution signs when approaching the mine. We are approximately 20 minutes from I-40 in Statesville.
  For driving directions and approximate time to Hiddenite from your location, Click Here for Google Maps information. Our physical address is 484 Emerald Hollow Mine Drive, Hiddenite, NC 28636.


For more information (Or if you get lost...) we invite you to contact us at:

Hiddenite Gems Emerald logo.jpgHiddenite Gems, Inc.
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Hiddenite, NC 28636
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