Welcome to Hiddenite Gems' gemstone identification pages.  We know that learning which stones are which can be confusing, so we developed these pages to help everyone out.  The information and pictures are intended for basic identification purposes only.

        If you are interested in having a gemstone cabochoned or faceted; orders can be placed by email at gemstones@hiddenitegems.com, via telephone at 828-635-7548, or in person at our Lapidary (gem cutting shop) at the Emerald Hollow Mine.  Additional details can be found on our Lapidary Services web page.  Please enjoy the site and let us know if we can help with any major gemological concerns.

Table of Contents  (Please Select A Color)
  Red/Pink/Purple Gems & Minerals
  Orange/Yellow/Brown Gems & Minerals
  Green Gems & Minerals
  Blue Gems & Minerals
  White/Clear Gems & Minerals
  Black/Grey Gems & Minerals

        To learn more about the gemstones and minerals that can be found throughout Hiddenite & Alexander County, North Carolina, please review our list of local gems and minerals here

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